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Email Management

Keep ever-increasing emails and documents organized with iManage Work. Prolan offers matter-, project-, and file-centric email management for legal, accounting, insurance, and professional services firms. Contact us today!

Buried in Email

The escalating volume of email is one of the biggest challenges facing firms today. In addition to robust document management, iManage email management tools give firms the ability to capture all relevant emails as part of the electronic files directly from the inbox.

Automated tagging functionality enables related emails to be filed to the same work location without manual effort, and robust analytics learn from users' past filing actions to suggest filing locations and decrease errors.

We provide complete and comprehensive email management solutions for firms:

  • Intuitive and Efficient User Interface Makes Filing the Email Easy to Do (Predictive Filing: Matter Suggestions, History, and Favourites)
  • Centralize Email by Filing to the Electronic Matter Where the Legal Team Can Access It
  • Duplicate Detection Prevents Members of the Legal Team from Filing the Same Email to the Electronic Matter
  • Ability to File from Any Client Used for Email (Desktop, Web, Wireless, and Off-Line)
  • Scalable Repository Allowing the Ability to Store Millions of Emails
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Matter-Centric Content Management

Matter-Centricity enables law firms to organize all electronic content around the client matter model. It emulates the physical accordion matter folder as an electronic container, called a Workspace. A Workspace may contain email, documents, images, audio, and video files, which can be accessed by the legal team collaborating on the file. This same concept can be applied to other practice areas, such as accounting, insurance, real estate, and professional services firms

iManage is the leading Work Product Management provider, and iManage Work is the product of choice for firms worldwide. The Work system provides the tools required to organize, find, and govern a firm's digital assets.


  • Unified Repository for All Critical Content, Documents, and Emails
  • Version Control, Security, and Audit Trails
  • Autoprofiling Makes It Faster to Save Documents and Emails and Provides Matter Security Inheritance
  • Allow Clients Secure Access to Matter Information
  • Increase Effectiveness and Efficiency


  • Most Advanced Enterprise Search Engine
  • Emails, Documents, and Other Electronic Information Is Indexed for Searching
  • Reduce Operational Costs Associated with Locating Relevant Information
  • Increase Productivity by Mining Existing Practice Content
  • Avoid Information Loss and Duplication of Effort


  • Granular Security (Workspace, Folder, and Document Level)
  • Define and Manage Ethical Walls
  • Ensure Compliance with Information Retention Policies and Laws

Work Matter Workspace

Workspaces are designed to suit the firm's needs and practice areas. iManage Work integrates with an accounting system or file-opening systems to automatically generate Workspaces as projects or matters are opened.

Take It with You

iManage Mobility allows you to access client files while out of the office anywhere, anytime on your mobile device. Other optional components are also available to enhance the iManage Work system.

  • iPhone/iPad
  • Blackberry
  • Windows Mobile
  • Palm OS

The Bottom Line

iManage is a complete product suite designed to work, share, find, govern, and secure emails, documents, and other sources of data within an electronic file. This solution can be deployed within your Data Center or in the iManage Cloud.