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Organize Documents with Records Manager

iManage Records Manager (formerly WorkSite Records Manager) organizes, manages, and governs records of all types, including physical files, electronic documents, and emails, within a single, unified system tailored to meet your unique requirements. Contact us today!


iManage Records Manager delivers a comprehensive governance solution for capturing, classifying, tracking, scheduling, and managing media of all types. When integrated with iManage Work (formerly WorkSite), the market-leading document and email management system, the solution addresses the entire governance lifecycle with a platform that can be customized to your own guidelines without disrupting current IT or user processes. Easily minimize risk while improving productivity.


Your entire Records Lifecycle is managed consistently via a centrally defined records policy. Analyze, capture, file, circulate, archive, or destroy accordingly.


Ensure compliance with information retention policies and laws.

iManage Policy Manager

Segregate information appropriately and enforce need-to-know access.

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iManage Security Manager

Quickly detect unusual behaviors and external attacks with stolen credentials or malicious insiders.

The Bottom Line

iManage is a complete product suite designed to work, share, find, govern, and secure email documents and other sources of data within an electronic file. This solution can be deployed within your Data Center or in the iManage Cloud.

Keeping Pace with Technology

The speed of technology has allowed the office of today to generate more files and documents than ever, and that ability keeps on growing and expanding. The most efficient way to keep pace is to use iManage across the entire spectrum of your file generating processes and office operations. Its seamless records manager and suite of related tools saves you plenty of time by automating many tasks and prevents any errors or risks of misfiling forms or other data. 

At Prolan, our services support you to get the most out of the system to sort and govern files, records, forms, data, documents, and related items in a way which gives you peace of mind that you know where everything is and you can simply access products the moment you need them. Organize your documents with ease and securely while streamlining your record keeping processes. 

Up to the Task

Move your business ahead safe in the knowledge that no matter how much data is created by any transaction, case, or deal you can handle it seamlessly. iManage is a tool that every dynamic office should have and utilize effectively. It’s one more way to make your business attractive to customers and enhance your capabilities. 

Contact us to learn more about how iManage can make your office run even more smoothly than it does now. We proudly serve clients in Western Canada along with Washington and Oregon states.