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Optimize Your Business with a Leading Records Manager Program

A successful business is one that can stay organized. In this fast-paced and data-driven economy, the push for digitization is greater than ever before. Does your workplace have the solutions to keep your records organized, secure, and accessible? By teaming up with Prolan, you will gain the tools and resources to streamline your operations. We are an implementation partner for the iManage Records Manager Suite. With our skilled and experienced team, you have the power to keep your enterprise organized.

Organize, Manage, and Govern Documents Seamlessly

The iManage Records Manager delivers a comprehensive solution for the capturing, classifying, tracking, scheduling, and managing of media. This software suite can be integrated into iManage Work, an industry-leading document and email management system. With this technology, you and your teammates can organize documents with ease. The functions of iManage are versatile and include:


The entire lifecycle of a record is managed consistently through a centrally defined records policy. Users can analyze, capture, file, circulate, archive, and delete media within a single interface.


The iManage software is powerful and secure. You can utilize this program to ensure compliance with information retention policies and laws.

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A Versatile Records Management Tool

The iManage Records Manager includes intuitive features that keep your data--and your enterprise--secure. The integrated Policy manager allows you to segregate information appropriately while also enforcing a credentials system. 

The Security Manager quickly detects unusual behaviours--including external attacks as a result of stolen credentials or malicious insiders. By using iManage products and services, you can streamline your operations while keeping sensitive data secure. 

Let Us Help You Get Started

Our team provides the service and support you need to get the most out of iManage Records Manager. We will help you set up the suite, and also teach your team members how to get the most from these tools. On top of that, our IT consulting services include a variety of solutions that allow you to optimize your network and expand its capabilities. Whether you are migrating your infrastructure or considering more robust solutions, you can count on us for dependable service and support.

Contact us and request a consultation for iManage products and services. We are located in Vancouver, BC, and serve clients throughout Western Canada, including Washington and Oregon in the United States.