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Effective Imanage Support and Services

Prolan services specializes in iManage implementation, including design, migration, upgrade, and support, as well as technology planning, IT consulting, and more. With iManage, your firm can increase profitability and efficiency by freeing up valuable time, allowing you to focus on your clients. Learn more about the iManage services we offer and how they can benefit your firm and the services you provide to clients. Contact us today!

iManage Upgrades

We provide iManage upgrade planning, implementation, and training services. Successful technology upgrades require detailed planning and testing to minimize risk, maximize benefit, and ensure a smooth transition.

The iManage Work 10 Document Management System provides significant improvements over prior versions. If your firm is using an earlier version of iManage, you may wish to upgrade to take advantage of some of the many new features, such as RAVN and Email Management. iManage Upgrades are also an excellent opportunity to introduce new modules, such as Share, Govern, and Mobility to your existing system.

If you have implemented iManage without the matter-centric workspace model, we can deliver the custom utilities and expertise necessary to not only generate your matter workspaces, but also crawl and file your existing content to the new workspace folders. A matter-centric refresh is an excellent way to ensure your firm leverages the most benefits from your iManage investment.

By using a proven phased approach to deploy iManage Work, we can identify potential hardware/software issues, optimize system performance, and provide knowledge transfer prior to the actual production rollout occurring. Once the production system has been deployed, we monitor the system to ensure operation support issues are dealt with promptly, and backup procedures are confirmed.

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iManage Support

Prolan provides iManage technical support services during regular business hours (8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. PT), as well as after-hours/emergency support. We have extensive experience working with iManage and would be pleased to assist with any issues or challenges you may be encountering.

iManage Training

Customized iManage training will increase productivity and reduce the stress associated with learning new software applications. Training materials provided to each user may include a Work Full Reference, Quick Reference, and Searching Quick Reference guides. An Outlook Reference Guide can also be provided. We can provide train-the-trainer sessions for firms which have in-house trainers.

As part of our knowledge transfer, we will provide the firm's in-house IT staff with an iManage administrative overview, along with complete systems documentation.

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Technology Planning and Consulting

We will combine your vision with our knowledge and experience to provide a technology road map. Given the myriad of hardware and software systems today and the expense involved in staying current with the latest technology, it is important that firms have a technology plan in place and review and revise the plan on a regular basis.

For decades, we have worked in the IT field designing, integrating, deploying, and supporting technical solutions for business across North America. We provide the vision and leadership to guide businesses through complex system migrations, minimizing the associated risk and stress often encountered during this process.

Systems Analysis, Design, and Implementation

An analysis is required to review a firm's IT environment, including accounting, messaging, applications, document management or file system, and network configuration. The information gathered from the analysis will be used to design the iManage Work Product System and identify migration options.

After an analysis has been completed, we will design the iManage Work system based on a Matter/Project Centric model. Once the iManage System has been designed and the data migration process identified, the software installation commences, along with custom application development and testing. Existing content will then be imported with little or no impact on the firm's day-to-day business. Manually importing data "when required" can reduce your migration costs and is less work for consultants, with critical intellectual property still contained in your legacy documents. We can provide your firm with a complete data migration solution that ensures all data is migrated, indexed, and available immediately.

After the system has been configured and initial data migrations completed, a pilot group of users will be identified and trained to further confirm system operation and integrity prior to a firm-wide rollout. As users are migrated to the new system, their active documents are migrated as well, ensuring that nothing is left behind. Periodic reviews of your iManage system are highly recommended to ensure that the initial sizing requirements are still valid.

We provide the following services:

  • Metadata Design
  • Profile Form Layout and Design
  • Workspace Design and Generation
  • Data Import
  • Desktop Client Deployment
  • Client Customization/Configuration
  • User Management
  • Training
  • iManage System Sizing Review

Project Management

Although a key aspect to the success of any technology project, project management is often overlooked. Technology projects typically require a team of people and resources to successfully deliver the project, while ensuring budgets and risks are managed effectively. In-house IT departments, third-party consultants, vendors, trainers, beta testers, and others need to be managed in conjunction with the project's physical resources (i.e., hardware and training facilities).

Having been involved in hundreds of projects over the years we have the experience necessary to guide your technology project to a successful conclusion.