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Run a More Successful Firm with iManage Products and Services

Choose from a variety of services and products from iManage to run an efficient and more productive firm. Prolan offers many options for clients to take advantage of, including:

iManage Share

Share is iManage's compliant file sharing and collaboration solution which dramatically increases productivity and customer service.

iManage Work

iManage Work is a cloud-first, mobile-ready solution accessible from any HTML5 browser.

iManage Web

iManage Web overcomes the challenges of securely sharing business content with staff, clients, and partner organizations. The scalable solution removes the need to replicate content for publishing and significantly enhances access to critical business information. This is accomplished through secure and configurable web access to internal and shared business content from a unified web component architecture.

iManage for SharePoint

iManage for SharePoint adds the security, scalability, and lifecycle management of WorkSite to SharePoint. Using a single-user interface, this solution enables proper storage and retention management through seamless integration to an existing SharePoint deployment.

OCR for Work

The Optical Character Reader (OCR) module, powered by IDOL, indexes image-only documents in your iManage Work system's Index, allowing for full-text search capability. This option can uncover critical information which was previously unsearchable.

Optimize your Business with our iManage Products and Services in Vancouver, BC

Take your business to the next level and work smarter. At Prolan, we make it easier to get things done. We are a data and information management company that helps other companies leverage the power of iManage products and services. In Vancouver, BC, we work with clients throughout Western Canada, including the US states of Washington and Oregon. With our skill, knowledge, and commitment to results, improving your productivity has never been easier. 

What is iManage? It is a cloud-based, mobile-first platform that brings your company’s work closer than ever before. Thanks to advances in data storage, retrieval, and communication, iManage products empower your workforce to gain quick and secure access to key documents, emails, and other digital files. Designed with user-friendliness and ease of use in mind, the iManage family of products allows your team to do more, all while saving time and energy. 

Helping Your Teams Do Their Best: iManage Products and Services

Best of all, the iManage platform is highly customizable. Our experienced agents are subject matter experts in this product line. As a full-service technology planning and consulting firm, we will work with you to bring the power of iManage to your business. Our services include design, implementation, and ongoing support. 

Work with a data and information team that is always at its best. Our iManage products and services can accommodate the unique needs of your business. No matter the size and scope of your enterprise, we will be here to support you. 

Contact us to learn more about our iManage products and services. We are based in Vancouver, BC, and we serve Western Canada. Our company also serves clients throughout Washington and Oregon, United States.